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Urra's ninety hectares include the western edge of the Sorbas Gypsum Karst. Geomorphologists can study a landscape formed by occasional torrential rains upon a substance 154 times more soluble than limestone. Average annual rainfall within this part of S.E. Almería over the last 40 years has been 250mm and sunshine averages 3000 hours per annum. Summer temperatures frequently reach 40ºC.
Spectacular erosion is a regular feature of our winters. Civil engineers will be able to marvel at the new roads cutting their way through the mountains and spanning the "barrancos", the river beds dry for so much of the year but full of boiling grey mud and boulders after the storms.
The best-developed Bad Lands outside the United States, the Tabernas Bad Lands, are within half an hour's drive. The alluvial fans there are spectacular.
For teaching purposes, we have been used as a base for instruction of first, second and third year undergraduates and for MSc work. Several University Departments have prepared Field Work Manuals and their authors are willing to share their suggestions for work. Contact can be made directly with many of them through Paco, the manager at the Centre.
The area of the Field Centre have a lot of possibilities, cavers have the idyllic place on the gypsum karst where we are. Sorbas town is a nice village with many lookouts to see how the people build their house at the clift.
For EXTRAS e.g. use of washing machine, hire of sleeping bags, etc. Please Enquire.
We have free, unlimited, and high-speed Wi-Fi in all common areas.
A huge parking area are on front of the Field Centre, busses and big vans are welcome.


Cancellation / Prepayment
To reserve a slot at Urra please pay 10% of the total bill you expect to pay. (Cancellation of an entire booking with 3 months notice will result in a full refund, with 2 months notice will result in a 50% refund, with 1 months or less notice will result in a NO refund) Groups of less than 15 or stays of less than 3 nights can only be accepted after discussion (The minimum of 25 people for at least 5 nights will ensure that your group has the exclusive use of the facilities. Smaller groups without the supplement may find they are sharing.)
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